Silk Road International Exposition

- Jun 06, 2017-

Silk Road International Exposition and the 21st Investment and Trade Forum for cooperation between East and West is held from 3rd to 7th June, 2017 in Xi’an China. Yesterday, we visited the exposition and talked to some traders from Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan and so on, in order to recommend our inertial navigation systems(INSs) to them. Some of them were very interested in getting more info of our products, and some of them would like to promote our products in their countries. It is a very good beginning for our international market development.


JieRui is a Chinese company, who engaged in research and develop Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLG), Inertial Navigation Systems(INS)Inertial Measurement Units(IMU)North finding instrumentsHeading and Attitude Reference Systems and Inclinometer, these systems are mainly used in aerospace navigation, high-speed railway measurement, rail transit measurement, ship navigation, land vehicle navigation, UAVs, deflection measurements of petroleum pipelines and dams, as well as coal mines. 

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