Inertial Technology Applied In Civil Field

- Apr 27, 2018-

At present, inertial technology is mainly applied on navigation, surveying and mapping, petroleum exploration, emergency communication, intelligent transportation and so on, in civil field in China.

Unmanned aerial vehicle--The application of inertial technology in UAV mainly uses strapdown inertial navigation technology to provide UAV with accurate information of velocity, position, attitude and so on, so as to achieve precise position.      

Oil exploration--In drilling of resource exploration field, , especially in the oil exploration field,  it is necessary to measure the depth of the well and the actual position of the bit, so that the well depth can reach to predetermined position.

High speed train detection--With the continuous expansion of high-speed rail operation mileage in China, high-speed railways, especially busy trunk railways, has higher requirements on operation and maintenance efficiency. Railway inspection vehicle based on inertial technology can detect the railway track regularly, to check whether the track is deformed, and see whether there is settlement on the roadbed. 

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