Development of inertial sensors for inertial navigation system

- May 04, 2017-

The inertial sensors include gyroscopes and accelerometers, and the accuracy of the accelerometer is very high and has little influence on the INS error. Because of its complicated structure and difficult manufacture, the drift error of gyroscope has a great influence on the precision of INS, which has become the focus of inertial sensors. The inertial navigation system is a navigation technology developed with the development of inertial sensors, it is completely independent, no interference, output a large amount of information, output information real-time advantages make it widely used in military and civilian fields related to sailing.

The precision of inertial navigation system, the cost depends mainly on the gyroscope and accelerometer accuracy and cost, especially the three party gyro drift is a function of time effect of inertial navigation system position error growth, and high precision gyroscope manufacturing difficulties, the cost is very high, so the inertial technology sector has been seeking effective ways to to improve the precision of gyroscope, and reduce the cost of the system. From DTG 1950s to 70s of the liquid floated gyroscope; from the vibrating gyroscope ring laser gyro, 80s to 90s, the fiber optic gyro gyroscope micro electronic mechanical system many reports have appeared, so as to promote the continuous development of inertial sensor.

Inertial sensor is an important part of navigation, orientation and motion control, and its application has a wide range of applications. So the research on inertial sensor technology has been the focus of national inertia, new materials, new technologies are embodied in the research of inertial sensors, inertial sensors with low cost and high precision of the inertial navigation system will become the universal and low-cost navigation system.

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