Mirror Type Inertial Navigation Unit

Mirror Type Inertial Navigation Unit

1. Mirror type
2. Reliable performance
3. Calibration free
4. Accurate initial position and attitude azimuth
5. Real-time dynamic azimuth and attitude can be provided
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Product Details

90IMU is a high precision laser inertial measurement unit, which is mainly composed of housing, mounting plate, RLG, accelerometer, gyro control panel, as well as data acquisition circuit and so on. It can measure angular motion and acceleration in three orthogonal directions. The error model is embedded, which include temperature compensation model and cross-coupling model. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, good reliability, low power consumption, digital control and serial RS422 output.

  1. 1. Function

  2. This IMU has the function of measuring angular rate and acceleration. With accurate initial position and attitude azimuth, as well as real-time dynamic azimuth and attitude can be provided by navigation solution.

  3. 2. Performance

Sr. No.ParameterTechnical Index
1 Start up time≤20s
2Measuring range of angular rate±400°/s
3Measuring range of linear acceleration  ±25g
4Gyro bias stability ≤0.005(°)/h(3σ) 
5Gyro bias repeatability  ≤0.002(°)/h(3σ)
6Gyro bias magnetic field sensitivity ≤0.003(°)/h/Gs(3σ) 
7Gyro random walk coefficient  ≤0.001(°)/h 1/2(3σ) 
8Accelerometer bias stability ≤5*10-5g(3σ) 
9Accelerometer bias repeatability ≤5*10-5g(3σ)

  1. 3.  Application

  2. This product is suitable for various strapdown high-precision positioning and orientation devices, inertial/GNSS integrated navigation system, mobile measurement system, high-speed rail, high-speed public measurement system, precision aerial photography, aerial mapping, printing equipment testing, underwater underground navigation mapping and other fields.

  3. 4. Package and Shipment

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